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Boil order for 6 customers on AR 308 yesterday should have been a boil ADVISORY.  We recommend you boil for consumption, however, there is no order.  Sorry for the confusion.  


Low/No water pressure on AR 308 due to prep for new wells. Six customers are affected & have been called personally. Boil vigorously 3 mins for water to be consumed.  

Boil Order LIFTED Hwy FF

PWSD has lifted the Boil Order put into affect 10/16 for areas of Hwy FF.  You no longer need to boil your water.


A boil order is in effect after a service line leak repair.  Customers along Hwy FF from AR 929 west to AR 935.  Also AR 931 & 933 are affected.

Boil Order LIFTED

Customers on AR 929 no longer need to boil their water.  The boil order placed into effect 9/21 has been lifted.  

AR 929 Scheduled Maintenance

Thurs, 9/21, a valve will be replaced on AR 929 & Hwy 22.  Customers along 929 will experience low pressure during repairs & need to boil water for consumption until further notice. 

Boil Order LIFTED

The boil order from 9/11/17, has been lifted for the AR 945 area!

AR 945 Boil ORDER!

PWSD #2 BOIL ORDER for AR 945 south of RR tracks to Davis Creek Bridge until further notice! Low to no pressure during repairs Sat morning.

Boil order LIFTED!

PWSD has lifted the boil order requirement from Wed 8/2 (FF area)!  Enjoy your weekend!

Hwy FF Boil Order 8/2

Customers along Hwy FF from AR 929 East to 9907 will be without water sporadically Wed 8/2 and will be under a BOIL ORDER until further notice.  (Includes AR 933, 931, 935 between FF & AR 930, 917, 918, 9907, 9908 & 9909)  FB & personal calls will be made when updates are available. 473-4916

Scheduled Maint 8/2 Hwy FF

Customers along Hwy FF between AR 929 East to AR 945 including portions of AR 933, AR 931 & 935 between FF & AR 930 will be without water for portions of the day tomorrow, Wed, Aug 2 & will be under a boil ORDER until further notice.  Check Facebook & this website for updates. 573 473-4916

AR 933 Advisory LIFTED!

PWSD #2 has lifted the BOIL ADVISORY from 6/29 on AR 933.  


PWSD is placing 7 households along Audrain Rd 933 under a BOIL ADVISORY to fix a leaky water main.  Emergencies can be directed to 573 473-4916.

AR 355 area - boil order CANCELLED

The boil order placed in affect Apr 13 for AR 355 area has been CANCELLED! 

AR 355 - BOIL ORDER due to water main repair

BOIL ORDER - Due to a water main repair on Audrain Road 355, the District will have the water shut off for a couple hours the afternoon of Thursday, 4/13 for approximately 45 customers on Audrain Roads 355, 9318, 318, 9320 & 9322.  Once the water is restored, a boil order will be in effect until further notice for the same customers.  Please call our mobile # 573 473-4916 with emergencies or concerns that cannot wait until business hours.

Past due account disconnections start 4/1/17

Accounts that were due 3/16 which remain unpaid are subject to disconnection beginning 4/1.  Our 24-hour drop box is available 24/7.


BOIL ORDERS from Sat 3/11 (Hwy FF/917/918/9907/9908/9909) & Tue 3/14 (Western District all areas N / S / W of AR 951) have been lifted.  You NO longer need to boil your water if you were in these areas!  

Also see...  /  Facebook  /  answering machine message @ 581-8230 & KWWR/Ledger/Guard


PWSD#2 had issues occur during a small repair the morning causing low or no pressure to our customers in the western district.  All customers affected will soon begin receiving personal call blast notices that they are under a BOIL ORDER until further notice.   

We'll continue to update this page, issue call blasts, update Facebook, inform the 3 media outlets (Guard, Ledger & KWWR) as well as update the phone message.  Emergencies call 473-4916.


BOIL ORDER...  The district experienced a water main break along Hwy FF Friday evening 3/10.  While crews are onsite possibly through Saturday (3/11) afternoon, customers listed below may experience little to no water pressure.  Once the repair is made & water is restored, a BOIL ORDER IS IN EFFECT until further notice!


This affects all customers along FF from AR 929 east to the Elmwood Drive intersection near Mexico, MO city limits and includes ARs 917, 918, 9907, 9908 & 9909.


We will continue to update here, our Facebook page, the 3 media outlets (Centralia Guard, Mexico Ledger & KWWR) as well as the phone message (573 581-8230).  Please feel free to call the District Manager on our mobile with emergencies (573 473-4916).


PWSD #2 has lifted the boil order put into affect 2/1/17 for ARs 210, 214, 207, 318, 395 & Hwy E (bt 210 & 224).  THERE ARE NO BOIL ORDERS IN EFFECT AT THIS TIME!


Customers on AR 210, AR 214, AR 207, AR 318, AR 395 & Hwy E between AR 210 & 224 may experience little to no water due to PWSD's water line being accidentally severed by a third party during construction around 11a the morning of 1/31.  Once the water is restored, a boil order is in effect until further notice.  A call blast will update customers who are affected.


The boil order which was put into effect Monday, Jan 23rd, 2016 has been lifted for AR 316, 320, 377 & portions of Route NN (314 N to 377 to Little Skull Lick Creek Bridge).  

BOIL ORDER - Hwy NN Jan 24

Due to a water main break Jan 24th around 7:45 am on Hwy NN, PWSD #2 has issued a boil order in effect until further notice on the following roads:  AR 316, AR 320, AR 377 & portions of Route NN (314 N to 377 to Little Skull Lick Creek Bridge).  Water to be consumed should be boiled vigorously three minutes.  Ice trays should also be emptied.  We issued call blasts notifications to all the customers we believe are affected & will continue to update them here, on our website as well as with additional calls blasts.  The repair was completed around 2pm today and flushing is now complete.  Should you have air in your lines, allow the water to run for a bit of time to alleviate it.


Boil Order AR 9205 CANCELLED!

Boil order alert has been CANCELLED from earlier today for AR 9205, 9207, 908, Hwy 22 (w of Hwy E), AR 963 (between Hwy 22 & AR 924) & AR 918 (w of 963).  Crews were able to repair the leak live and without losing pressure, thus NO NEED to boil water!  Thanks for your patience!


The District has issued a boil order so that a water main leak on AR 9205 can be repaired.  The leak will affect the following customers...

Hwy 22 (west of Hwy E)

AR 963 (between Hwy 22 & AR 924)

AR 908

AR 918 (west of AR 963)

AR 9205

AR 9207

Please boil your water for approximately 48 hours or until further notice.  We will alert customers with our call blast system, media outlets - KWWR, Centralia Guard & Mexico Ledger & our Facebook page with updates as they are available & when the boil order is lifted.

Boil Order LIFTED!

The boil order which was placed into effect Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2016, for flush hydrant maintenance on Audrain Roads 320, 9318, 355, 316 & 9320 HAS BEEN LIFTED!  Customers on those roads no longer need to boil their water.  A call blast has been placed as well to notify the affected customers.  Thank you for your patience while we updated our water system.  We have also notified KWWR, Mexico Ledger, Centralia Guard and our Facebook page.