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Upcoming Maintenance

In a continuing effort to distribute high-quality potable water, PWSD #2 will be conducting a routine Water Quality Preventative Maintenance Program.  Beginning Tuesday, May 29th, district personnel will be performing system maintenance, flushing & extensive testing in order to optimize water quality within the western zone of the distribution system.  

During the Preventative Maintenance Program, customers can continue on with their normal everyday usage of the water, however, some may experience TEMPORARY periods of low-pressure, change in color &/or a change in chlorine odors beginning Tuesday & for several days following.  These odors will subside as the water chemistry stabilizes & the system rebalances.  Please note district personnel will be continually monitoring the chlorine levels in order that the water remains potable.

The 3 groups of water users that should take special precautions during the Preventative Maintenance Program:

1)  Hospitals & kidney dialysis providers/patients

2)  Fishpond, pool & aquarium owners/operators

3)  Some businesses that use water in their production process.

Those who fall into any of the above categories are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice concerning removal methods for chlorine & chloramines from their water supply.

Thank you for your patience & understanding on this matter as the district works diligently to provide safe potable water & a healthy distribution system.  If you have any questions please feel free to check the notifications on the District's Facebook page, website & through our office at 573 581-8230.